Loyalty and The Loyalty Factor are Invaluable

The Loyalty Factor: Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty
November, 2010

“What is most amazing about The Loyalty Factor is that through detailed explanations, real case studies, and recent examples from companies of all sizes, author Dianne Durkin shows readers that loyalty truly matters in business and that it can be obtained.

Readers gain insights into the workings of some of the most well branded companies in the nation, and learn how and why these brands have come to be household names. The Loyalty Factor shows that how we each treat each other, from CEO to secretary to part-time sanitation engineer, really does matter and it is quantifiable in the companies' profitability. You reap what you sew.

The Loyalty Factor gives a great overview of how branding came to be such an important force in American business. The first part of the book is incredibly enlightening and interesting in its explanation of loyalty's evolution within our social and business cultures. The book shows that the meaning of and concern for loyalty is different according to the generations. This is important to anyone who manages people of different ages.

Finally, as a small business owner, what I found most valuable about The Loyalty Factor is that the book showed how companies turned problems into successes and gave step by step explanations that I can relate to my own business. I am going to test The Loyalty Factor’s 12-step brainstorming session and it's five-step crisis management plan in my company immediately.

Anyone who runs a business, manages employees, or works with clients or customers needs to read The Loyalty Factor.”