With Books Like These Leaders Have the Strength and Skill for the Future

The Power of Magnetic Leadership: It’s Time to Get R.E.A.L.
January, 2013
 “I have read a lot of leadership books over the years, most of the time because I try to incorporate this into not only my own everyday work practice that also in the interactions that I have with the students that I work with I tried to infuse the idea of leadership into those conversations. When I look for books on leadership I am looking for books that are easily implemented and have practical tips on how to not only be a better leader but also on how to encourage and motivate others to find their own leadership potential.

This book is both. The book was an easy read and provides valuable tips on how to be a better leader. I love the fact that it is written for a world that has generation Y and X individuals working in it. The book also shares many tips on how to make your own organization stronger, which is something I always looking for as well. In tough economic times it takes a strong leader to be able to pull their company through, and with books like this a leader can know that they have the strength and the skills to be able to lead their organization into the future.”